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We Make Great Airplanes Better

AeroVoodoo is a full-service engineering/product development company created to fill the needs of Aircraft Companies and their over-taxed engineering resources. We repeatedly saw the pain and the difficulties of needing to get from the idea phase, to the decision phase, to the business contract, and then finally, to the launch phase within a predictable schedule. Our engineering capabilities include mechanical design of metal or composite products including aerodynamic analysis; electrical and software architecture and design; and certification services for those products.

AeroVoodoo was started by former aircraft company executives that have been there, done that - under the harshest of circumstances. We partner with Aircraft OEMs to deliver on-time products; we have the experience and resources to put that into a binding guarantee.

Working with you, we can deliver market-driven products to your customers while they still want them. Let us show you how.

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