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Certification is the wild card in any development program. Local regulatory agencies such as the FAA and EASA are not bad organizations filled with bad people. Their key purpose is to help aircraft companies bring a safe product to market, and to oversee design, manufacturing, and repair processes that might otherwise expose the public to unneccessary safety risks. Aircraft manufacturers and AeroVoodoo must respect the process yet always challenge everyone involved to work more efficiently. This is not circumventing safety but merely applying continuous improvement to the partnership of the applicant and the cognizant regulatory agency.

AeroVoodoo may be a new company but we are not inexperienced.¬†Between the management team’s former certification responsibilities and interactions with the FAA, Transport Canada, and EASA combined with the DER and ODA development teams of AeroVoodoo, we have almost as much successful certification experience as some aircraft manufacturers. And that makes sense because we were the executive leadership of a jet aircraft manufacturer both during and after its development phase.

AeroVoodoo believes the most productive certification effort is to involve the local regulatory folks very early in the program. That provides a foundation of knowledge that allows the regulators to better understand what design decisions are being made and their purpose.

Our DERs and ODAs understand how their relationship with the FAA and other regulators can keep the certification process progressing as fast as posible. Too many times we all have seen a company dumping a pile of papers on a regulator's desk at the end of a program, then be "so surprised" it takes more than the anticipated 30 days for the regulator to read, learn, understand, and finally approve the product.