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AeroVoodoo is a new company with a different concept to deliver projects. It is not relying on any new type of business model, only that age-old adage, "You have our word." Let us do a little thing like on-time development for you.

Michael McConnell, President/CEOMichael McConnell, President/CEO

My decades of experience in the aviation industry have shown me one clear truth – the aviation industry is like no other in that it seems to accept underperformance from companies providing both modifications of airplanes and the airplanes themselves. In contrast, the technology industry euthanizes companies that fail to deliver products that are not market changing or products that are late to market. AeroVoodoo was founded to eliminate the pain of airplane makers and their suppliers that struggle with staying on schedule. If Don and I are willing to look someone in the eye, shake their hand and then sign a contract to deliver a project on time, every time – that becomes an unfair advantage for AeroVoodoo.

My background is a combination of the hyper-growth computer industry in the 80's and 90's at Dell Computer to starting and running my own companies (Texas Mooney aircraft dealer) and then into senior leadership roles at Mooney Aircraft Corporation, Eclipse Aviation for over seven years (including President & GM of the Customer Division) and as President of Raisbeck Engineering, a 30 year old company that designs, develops and manufactures STC products for King Airs and Learjets. This wide, diverse experience base has taught me how to manage delivery schedules and remove any ambiguity from the leadership function.

Don Burtis, Vice President/CTODon Burtis, Vice President/CTO

When Mike started talking about the AeroVoodoo concept of doing aerospace engineering on a predictable schedule, I was intrigued, and quickly realized that it is a perfect fit for the type of development work most companies want, but seldom get. When I was a senior vice president of Eclipse Aviation, I spent a lot of time helping our suppliers rescue their behind-schedule projects. Nearly all of them wished they had more or better resources to finish their developments on time. In addition to the customer dissatisfaction that comes with late projects, these companies recognized that one late project can spawn many more as scarce resources are still working the late project and are not available to get the newer projects started on-time.

As for my background, I've been involved in aerospace (McDonnell-Douglas), electronic banking (Citicorp), wireless data (Cirrus Logic), general aviation (Eclipse Aviation) and a few of my own companies specializing in computers and communications infrastructure. Companies I have worked with include large consumer product companies (Sony, Apple, Microsoft) to small specialized technology companies (nuclear instrumentation, turbine electricity generation). I have created and run marketing groups, and have acted as drop-in engineering management for a venture fund (Vulcan Ventures). One byproduct of this diverse background is I've seen good and bad development across many industries and know what works and what doesn't.