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"Let us do a little thing like on-time development for you."

People ask us how to get started; how to kick the tires to know if AeroVoodoo is a good fit for your project. The best way we know is to start a dialog with us by phone or email. Send us your mutual non-disclosure agreement (or we can provide ours) so we can talk freely.

Our engineers work in all areas of aerospace hardware and software development – our guys cover the spectrum from experts in aerodynamics and loads to experienced avionics and aviation software developers. Products our engineers have worked on in the past range from wing design and external baggage lockers to engine FOD protection, avionics architecture, and sensor data collection and analysis. Of course we follow the various FAA/Transport Canada/EASA development requirements and can provide help in obtaining appropriate certification of your product.

If your project is well defined, we can quote a fixed price for your work. If more definition is called for, we can provide a fee-based analysis of trade-offs and recommend a path forward. If your project is similar to a design we own, we will be able to save you substantial non-recurring engineering costs.

While some believe it less expensive to do all engineering in-house, we are confident that when your engineering priorities, schedules, and costs are all considered, you will find it attractive to let us engineer your project for you – on time.

Call Mike McConnell at +1(505)715-2610 or email Mike at